Blackjack Surender Rules


When you get to a casino, the first thing you want right in front of your eyes is an involving game. Well, Blackjack Surrender is absolutely that one game that is getting very common among many people, with its popularity in casinos growing by day. This game is about you as a player standing your ground, playing along the right way, and surrendering at the right time. So just like all other games there are, every game has got rules, and that is what you need to get familiar with long before you get to that casino and play like a total dummy.

The first basic rule of the game is to get focused on where you are going. The major objective of the player is to get as close to the dealer as possible, without going anywhere beyond 21. Notice that what the other competitors are up to at the gambling table is not your concern. Your major concern should be wholly focused on what the hand of the dealer has got. This means that you do not have to hide the cards in your hands because they will absolutely not change any strategy of the game even if your competitors see them. If you are a first timer, do not be afraid to show the dealer or the people at the table the cards you have got on your hands and ask questions if you are stuck! Notice that if the game you are involved in is the shoe game, all the cards will be played on a face up.

The values of the cards are inclusive of: Ace- which has got a count of either 1 or 11. Cards that range from 2 to 9 and get valued at their own face value. Queen, jack and king which are all valued at 10.

Notice that the suit of each of the cards can easily confuse you but it is very important to know that these absolutely have got no meaning in the whole of the game. A hand that has got 5, 7 and 9 has got a sum total of 21. At this point, the Ace can either be counted as 1 or 11.

The bets are then made and once this is done, the dealer can deal the cards to all the players. The dealer is supposed to start from his left and make two passes all rounds. By the end of the distribution, each of the players must have 2 cards, as well as the dealer. The dealer then shows one of his cards to the players for them to see the values.

The cards are only supposed to be touched with one hand.

The cards must be placed over the table.

Any card that the dealer deals on the players hand must be left on the table. Do not add those cards on your hand.

Once the dealer deals the cards, the first base, which in this case is the first left from dealer, begins the game.

Once each of the players finishes their hand, the dealer also completes his hand and then collects the bets.

Well, to the starters, this game can be a little intimidating and therefore long before you get serious with the game, get down on this game with a friendly mate at the casino and before long, this game will be quite easy for you!