Caribbean Stud Poker Rules


The Caribbean Stud Poker is a really a very interesting game that so many people have already dived in and just won’t stop drowning. For a long time now, this game has been very popular among many casinos and is absolutely not going down. The rules in this game are very easy and not at all hard to remember. For practice, there are free online games where you can make your trials before you get your feet deep into the game. If then you are good at this game, what will stop you from earning a good sum of money in a night?

    1. In each stud, there is always a layout for the players, as well as a chip slot. Always be very keen on the lights so you can be sure that your jackpot bet is on the slot long before the hand is dealt.

      • Place a bet in the box known as the ante box on the table layout in front of you before any of the cards are dealt. The bet can be of any amount of course within the limits given.

      • Once all the players have made their bets, a button is pressed by the dealer that allows all the chips ($1.00) to go down for collection at the slot.

      • The dealer at this point goes ahead to slot out the cards to all the players, which in this case are face down. The dealer at this point assigns himself 4 cards down, and 1 up. Notice that at this point the players decide to either play with the cards or fold them. Once any player folds the cards, then the ante bet is immediately lost. Once the player decides to play, that means that they place a double amount bet on the ante box. This is the call bet you reward yourself with.

      • Once all the players take their step into acting, the dealer at this point exposes his four cards. If the dealer fails to qualify with the expected A-K, then he is supposed to pay all the players with money on each of their bets. If he qualifies, he goes ahead to compare his hand with each of the hands of the players. If the dealers hand happens to go beyond the players hand, that means that the player will end up loosing both the call bet as well as the ante bet. If then the players hand happens to be higher than that of the dealer, they end up winning money, and in addition to that, the call bet which is a bonus amount is given, of course in accordance to the schedule of the bet.

      • If the player at the end of the poker game ends up garnering $1.00 bet on jackpot or even higher, then payment for the hand is made instantly which again is fully dependent on the payout schedule of the jackpot.

      • The players must always announce to the dealer that they have got a jackpot hand only if they are eligible to the payout, before the hand is either over, or when they see it. This will help you protect your hand from the dealer incase he jumps over and mixes your hand with the rest of the dead cards.