European Blackjack Rules


The European Blackjack game is surely picking up at a very high rate, and slowly becoming very popular at the casinos and with various individuals. Just like in every other game there is, there are rules which must be followed for the game to carry on in the right way. Unlike other blackjack games, the rules of the European blackjack vary from one casino to another. By this therefore, it is important to learn the most basic rules, and thereafter the rest of its variations can follow to which you can be sure that it will be somewhat easy to catch up.

Two deck cards are used by the dealer for the game to begin.

The dealers are expected to stand on the soft 17.

On the totals beginning from 9 to 11, the players are allowed to double the bets.

After any split, the player may not double the mentioned bets

If the dealer has got blackjack, the player could end up loosing the total bet even after doubling or even splitting.

Notice that the game has got a total of 2 sides which includes the players and the dealer.

Key objective of blackjack is to ensure that the card values are added up close as you can manage to 21. You can also fight your way to achieving a higher value more than the dealer. Card values include 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Face cards, King, Jack, Queen, have got a value of 10. Ace has got values of 11 and 1, depending on the choice of the player.

A player is expected to first place a bet, and is thereby dealt 2 cards. In the manual blackjack, one of the cards is dealt on face down, and the second one is dealt on face up. On the other hand though, for the online blackjack game, both of the cards are dealt on face up to give the game the ease it ought to have. During this period, the players have got the liberty to decide if they need extra cards, or they are contented with what they already have. Notice that the players can request for whatever number of cards they want, only if the values have not added up to 21. Once the values add up to 21, then it means that the game is over, and this is what is popularly known as bust.

At some point, the player could be dealt 2 cards which are of equal value. When it gets to this, the player can opt to split the cards in two different hands. At this point, the two hands are dealt additional cards, and each of the player’s hands are viewed as separate so at the players own will, they can play the game with whichever hand they choose.

During this time, the player can make a double bet and likewise receive an extra card from the dealer. Notice that this will only apply if the player has got a value of 9 or above.

If the dealer’s up card happens to be an Ace, then they have all liberty to make a bet, which is referred to as insurance. If the dealer appears to have a blackjack, then the player wins with the insurance bet.