European Roulette Rules


In all casinos all over the world, the European roulette is the first game you find. This is a very popular game that has seen so many win and still, others lose. It is a very simple and easy to learn game, but then again if the player pays less attention to the rules, there are very high chances of handling it the wrong way.

Notice that there are 2 games which can be easily confused, and that is the European roulette, and the American roulette. Well; it is very important for you to learn that there is a slight difference between the two and applying one games rule to the other may get you into a nearly huge downfall. The European roulette has got a zero that makes it very easy for a player to win. Whenever you are in a casino and there is that option of either picking the European roulette or the American roulette, it can only be to your great advantage to choose the European roulette.

In the European roulette, the number of wheels counts to 37, with each of them having a clear number inscription. If you have ever played the American roulette, do not ask for the 38th wheel here! The numbers here are in the colors of both red and black. The double zero and the zero are both colored in green.

Players begin by placing bets. The bets are only 2 including the inside and the outside bet. The inside bets are inclusive of : -Straight

-Three line


-Six line


Outside bets are inclusive of:-Right column/middle/left



-1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12

-1 to 18 or 19 to 36

At the roulette table, the player can opt to either place a single chip as a bet, or a variety of chips. Once the bet is placed, the wheel of the roulette begins to spin, and the ball rotates in the wheels opposite direction. Notice that once the wheel begins to spin the player is not supposed to change the initial bet. Usually, the lost bets are collected once the game is over and the player has lost the game. If the player wins, that is usually displayed on a screen. The winnings are usually added to the player’s balance.

The ball then falls on a particular pocket, and the number it lands on is usually a lucky number.

The inside bet must total-up to the minimum number of the house roulette table. The combinations that help the player not to go anywhere below the total minimum of the roulette table are many.

The outside bet on the other hand has got to total-up to the minimum of the betting amount made. The payoff is always 2-1.

In some online casinos, you will realize that there are features of special bets. These are somewhat different from what you may be used to. Also in some of them you will notice that there are progressive jackpots. The progressive jackpots are a bit different from the traditional means, because they grow after every bet that is made. You don’t need to panic though. The rules for the online progressive jackpots are not any different from the traditional casino rules.