Hi Low Switch Rules


Hi Low Switch is another game of chance. The goal of the game is to guess if the card that is dealt next will be higher or lower in rank. The whole concept of ‘switch’ is that the player is allowed to switch the cards that are on the table. The game is available in online casinos and is pretty simple to play.

The first thing is placing the wager. There are betting boxes on the table that are circled. There area different coin denominations that are offered. A player ahs to select from those and then hit the deal button.

The first deal is of three cards. The cards have two buttons added. One of the buttons is titled Hi and the other one Low.

A player is supposed to guess the value of the next card. If a player thinks that the value will even lower, then they hit the Lo button and the same thing with the Hi button.

The amount of money to be won is indicated with each button. If the prediction is correct, then the player wins the indicated amount.

If the prediction is wrong, then the player loses the bet and has to start the game all over again.

The game also offers an option to switch. A switch means the payer is dealt three new cards. Initially, a player is awarded two chances to ‘switch’. After a successful prediction, an extra chance is added. Switching the cards does not lead to any deductions of winnings.

The cards in the Hi Low Switch game are ranked in the standard manner. The aces though are the lowest in ranks.

If the card that is dealt next is the same as the last one, then the player loses.

When a player makes a correct prediction, then they must collect their winnings. There is a collect button that is available for players.

One variation of this game is that a player can switch their cards if they don’t like them. Not many casinos offer the game though. The game is not complicated and offers a player a chance to play with high or low stakes. There are different versions of the game in different online casinos. The concept though is generally the same.

The Hi Low Switch game is easy to get around. It does not require a lot of thought but it requires a little bit of mastery. The biggest advantage of this game is that a player can go on indefinitely. The stakes can also be turned into bets. The winnings in the game are cumulative. The odds of the game are more obvious compared to other casino games.

The best strategy on playing the Hi Low Switch game is knowing when to collect and when to switch. A player can keep playing the game until they can master it. Even a player that is playing for small stakes can win big at a Hi Low Switch game. When a player has mastered the game, they can know which the risky hands are and learn to avoid those.