Keno Rules


Keno is some sort of lottery game that is largely based on luck. The objective of the game is to choose numbers that will match with numbers that are drawn by the machine or a hopper. The game is played with 80 balls that are placed in bubble/barrel. The balls have the number 1 to 80 imprinted on them. The balls are mixed by the hopper before the game starts.

The rules of the game are simple;

A player places a bet. Then they select the numbers they want on a Keno ticket. A player has to select a minimum of 4 numbers and a maximum of 10.The numbers have to be between 1 and 80.Thes number selections are called ‘Spots’

A caller then draws 20 balls from the bubble by pushing a lever.

A player ’catches’ when a number they have chosen is chosen by the game.

There are Keno games that are played with video options. Instead of a ticket, the player indicates the number they have chosen on a screen.

The 20 balls that are drawn by the machine are random.

Sometimes the intervals between ball calls are preset. That means the balls can be drawn even before a player places their wager.

The pay tables differ from one casino to another. There are some casinos that may offer different pay tables for players to select.

Keno Bets

There are several options that a player has when it comes to placing Keno bets.

Straight ticket- This means betting the marked ‘Spots’ as a single wager. It s a relatively simple way to play Keno

King Ticket- This means that one number on the ticket is circled indicating it as the ‘King’.

Combination Ticket- A player marks the numbers in several groupings.

Keno lounges come complete with Keno ‘runners’. These are people whose job is to get a player’s bet to the Keno writer and back. A Keno writer gives a receipt of the ticket after a player has placed their bet. A player is always advised to check their ticket receipt for any errors before the game start drawing. After the game begins, errors can not be corrected.

When the balls are drawn, there is a Keno board where the results are displayed. Alternatively, the results can also be displayed on a video monitor. When a player wins, they have to collect there winnings in the specified time. The video version of Keno has gained more popularity. This is especially because of the point of sale nature.

The pace of the game is different everywhere. This will mostly depend on the time between draws. There are some draws that may take days, even weeks. There are some that take only a few minutes. Each of these has their own advantages.

It is important to note that Keno is a game of luck. Any strategies that can be used are in placing the bets. A player must know what type of bets they want to place for the Keno game. The random nature of the draws gives the house a bigger house edge than in most games.