Let It Ride Poker Rules


Let it Ride Poker is a very easy to learn table game. In many casinos, this is one game you will not miss, and with the right knowhow of how to go about it, you will absolutely have a very good time at the casino. This poker game is based on 5 cards. Notice that in this game you are not competing with the rest of the players, but rather against the house.

The very first thing that happens is for you to place three bets which must be equal. At this point, the cards are placed face down towards each player, and two face down which in this case are towards the dealer. After all the cards have finished being dealt, the players are then allowed to look at their cards.

Once the players look at their cards; one, they have the option to ask for one of their bets, or two, they can go ahead and let it ride. In this game, the players are not supposed to show their hands to the rest of the players.

After all of the players have made their decisions on the first bet, the dealer spreads open one of his cards. Each of the players will then depend on this one flipped card to get to their final five card hand.

Once the players have seen the card, they then decide on whether to take their second bet, or simply let it ride. Notice that you can only change the second bet at this juncture, so if it passes that’s it. Once you have made your very first bet, there’s no turning back. After you make that move, it cannot be changed as far as this game is concerned.

Again, once the players have made a firm stand on their second bet, the dealer goes ahead to turn the second card face up. This is the card that completes each of the players 5 card hand.

Well, if one of the players has got a real winning hand, they win and are paid on the bets they have let ride. If the player then allows all the bets ride, they get paid 3 times. If the player takes away the first bet, they get paid 2 times. And if the player takes all the bets apart from the last one, they are then paid once. If the player has got no winning hand, the dealer collects all of their cards from the table.

If a player has got a winning hand, they are paid as follows:

-A pair of tens or even better =1 - 1

-Two pairs=2 - 1

-Three =3 - 1

-straight=5 - 1

-flush=8 -1

-full house=11-1


-straight flush=200-1

-royal flush=1000-1

Well, Let It Ride Poker is very interesting and very involving at that. Learning it won’t have to take all your time because if you are interested in learning, you are good to go.