Oasis Poker Rules


Oasis poker is somewhat close to the Caribbean poker stud. This game is all about trading 5 cards. This card game is very common in casinos, and the players only play against the house and not amongst each other.

The players are expected to make an ante bet long before the game begins, and along with that an additional side bet is made by each of the players.

The dealer distributes the cards to all the players, which must be 5 in number. The dealer is also expected to pick five cards as well. All of the cards are dealt face down, apart from one of the dealer’s card which is exposed for all to see. Here, the players have liberty to examine their cards, but no information beyond this must be shared.

The players if they so wish, can opt to switch one of the cards of their own choice, which is done with the next cards at the deck. Notice that taking this step will cost a fee which is basically equal to the ante bet made by the player. About the fee, players must understand that it is non refundable. Once the exchange has been made there’s no turning back, and the game goes on even if you begin to have a second thought on that choice.

The player is allowed to switch the number of cards they please. Notice that the cost for instances of switching two cards is twice the ante bet, four cards will go for four times the amount of the ante bet, and so forth.

Once the player decides to switch all of the five cards, then they are expected to raise. The player can either decide to fold or raise.

If the player decides to fold, then all of his cards freeze, as well as the side bet and the ante bet.

If the player on the other hand decides to raise, then the player must make a double ante bet which is equal to twice the amount of the ante.

At this point, the dealer goes ahead to expose his other four cards.

The dealer must in his circle have a higher, an Ace or a king to qualify. In other terms, the hand that qualifies on the low side must be a king, ace, 4, 3, 2.

If then the dealer fails to qualify, it means that the player will win money, on their ante bet, and alike, their raise will end up getting a push.

If again the dealer happens to beat the player in the game, both their raise and ante will end up loosing.

On the other hand, if the dealer happens to qualify but ends up loosing to the player, that means that the ante ends up paying more money as well as the raise. The amount will fully be dictated by the Raise pay table that has been set in the house and agreed on.

If both of them, the player and the dealer gets a tie, that means that both raise and the ante will get a push.

Bonus bet is always dependent on poker value of the original hand of the player.