Pai gow poker Rules


Pai Gow poker is also known as Double hand poker and is the Americanized Pai Gow poker. It is played with 52 card deck and a single joker. A set of 6 players is all that is needed to play this game including the dealer. Each player is supposed to make their favourite attempt to outdo the banker.

The following are basic rules that need to be followed when playing this game.

The dealer also plays on every deal against other players and before a deal begins, players are supposed to place their stake. Each player is then dealt with seven cards.

All players are allowed to have a look at the cards they are dealt apart from the dealer then they divide these to form 2 hands-which include a 2 card hand and another 5 card hand. The value of the cards is similar to those of card hands used in poker. There is one exception though which is: ‘A-2-3-4-5’ making it the 2nd highest ranking. The highest is 5 aces. For 2 card hand, any combination beats 2 unmatched cards but there are no other possible combinations.

The player is supposed to arrange cards such that 5 card hand ends up been higher than 2 card hand. This means if the hand was 2 aces pair, the 5 card would then have 2 pair or a better option. At no point are players allowed to discuss the hands they have.

Players are also supposed to place the 2 hands they get facing down and when ready, the 7 cards of the dealer are exposed. At this point, other players are not allowed to touch their cards. The dealer proceeds to form the 7 cards they have exposed into 5 and 2 sets as the other players have done.

At this point, all the cards of the players are exposed. The dealers and players results are determined by doing a comparison of the players five card hand with that of the dealers 5 card and the 2 card hand of the player to the 2 card hand of the dealer. This is then translated to the following.

If a player wins two hands, then the dealer is supposed to pay the amount the player staked.

If a dealer wins 1 hand and a player wins the next one, money does not change hands and this is known as a ‘push’.

If a dealer wins gets to win both hands then they win the stakes put up by the player.

In the event either of these hands is tied, the dealer is the one who wins that hand. This means if a dealer ends up wining one hand and the other one gets tied, then the dealer is seen as the winner.

Note about the Deal

Whenever this game is formally played, there is an elaborate technique used for dealing. 7 hands of 7 cards are often dealt and this is only done a card at a time. The cards remaining are then discarded without been seen. The dealer throws 3 dice and then counts the number of players on the table in a counter clockwise manner to decide which player gets the first hand.