Poker Persuit Rules


Poker pursuit is a very interesting but involving online game which is easy to learn. The unique thing about the pursuit poker is that unlike other games, the player has got the room to make more money on winnings, upon addition of coins that they bet with. Three cards are dealt at the beginning of the game long before the player can either decide to up the bet by a coin or let go. If the player lets go, it means that they can decide to ask for the remaining cards if they are not willing to add any more coins. Notice that only when you know the rules pretty well, that’s the only time you can make your bets the right way and maximize you potential to win. Otherwise without keen familiarization of the rules you are likely to make endless losses.

This online game is a 5 card poker. The main objective of the entire game is on upping the winnings while on the other hand, you try to bring down the losses.

The player is first dealt 3 cards at the beginning of the game. Once the player has the 3 cards, they can decide to add their coins or let go and hold the bet.

If the player decides to let go, they can then ask for the extra 2 cards in this case without having to raise the bet.

If the player is willing to add an extra coin, then the forth card is dealt whereby the player can either decide to hold or at the same time raise.

After this step, the fifth card is then dealt and the game commences.

The payouts in poker pursuit are fully dependent on hands and that has got to start from a pair of tens. If the player has got no winning hand, the game ends abruptly.

In poker pursuit, you will realize that there are no stray cards. In this game, 3000 coins stands as the maximum payout.

The decisions as to when to call and when to raise the bet are the ones which hold the winning or the loosing of this game. You must learn to practice more and more so you can make wise decisions on when to increase the bet and when to go for a call.

Before this game can begin, the player is expected to place a bet. What you find on your machine is a plus and a minus button, and this is what you press when you want to place a bet. These buttons are what determine the size of the coin you will end up with. After you are done pressing either of the two buttons, go ahead and click ‘deal’. Notice that you cannot press both of the buttons at the same time; rather the choice has got to be only one. Once the deal button is entered, the game begins immediately and this is the point where you are dealt the first 3 cards.