Red Dog Poker Rules


Red dog poker is a card game that is largely based on chance. The premise of the game is that a player bets that any card in their hand would be of higher value and of the same suit as the card dealt from the pack. Red Dog poker is available in online casinos. The game is pretty simple to play and the rules are straight forward. There are no complex strategies to master.

The game is played with a standard 52-card deck. The dealer may use from 1 to 8 decks.

The dealer places two cards face up in front of the player.

Two consecutive cards mean that the hand is a push. That means that the original wager will be returned to the player.

Equal cards means that the dealer will have to deal a third one. The third card is supposed to be in between the other two.

The player wins if the third card falls between the other two. The bet is then paid out according to the payout ratios.

If the third card match the other two, then the bet is paid to a 11:1 ration to all players

If the third does not match, then the hand is a push.

A spread is announced by the dealer if the cards do not match and are not consecutive. A spread is basically the number of card values in between the two cards. For example if a player has a 5 and a 9, then the spread is 3 (6, 7, 8 ranks).

A player has a chance to increase the bet to the original amount. After a spread is announced.

A third card is dealt after players raise bets. If the third card falls outside of the spread, then the player loses all bets.

Payout Ratios

1 card spread pays 5 to 1

2 cards spread pays 4 to 1

3 cards spread pays 3 to 1

4 card and above spread pays 1 to 1

In Red Dog Poker, the player does not compete against other players or the bank. This is one of the biggest differences of the game with traditional poker. In this game, the Ace is the highest ranked card while the two is the lowest ranked.

The bigger the spread in the cards the better the chances of winning. A spread of 7 for instance gives the players a higher chance of winning than a spread of 1. That is why a smaller spread results in a bigger payout. In this game, different hands have different odds and that why it is a game of chance.

Red Dog Poker can be hard to find in traditional casinos. More online casinos have however started making the game available. One notable difference in this game is that when more decks are used in the game, the house edge decreases. This is different compared to other games where the house edge increases with the increase in decks.