Spanish Blackjack Rules


Spanish blackjack is a variation of the blackjack. It is played with a different set of rules. Anyone looking to play the Spanish blackjack must have knowledge of the standard blackjack. Most of the betting premises are the same as in a classic blackjack game.

Here are the rules that are used or a game of Spanish blackjack;

The game is played with a Spanish deck of cards- 48 cards. A Spanish deck is just a standard deck with the 10 cards removed. The other cards are valued the same as in a standard blackjack game. A dealer uses 6 to 8 Spanish decks in a game.

In a Spanish blackjack game, when the dealer draws a soft 17, they may ‘hit’ or ‘stand’.

A dealer gets a ‘hole card’ in the Spanish blackjack too. if the hand totals to 21, the players lose automatically.

After splitting aces, a player may get as many cards as they wish. Doubling after splitting is also allowed in the game.

A player is allowed to double down on any number of cards. A player may also chose to‘re-double’. That means doubling on a hand that has already been doubled.

Spanish blackjack also allows for late surrender. A player is allowed to surrender after doubling down known as a ‘double down rescue’. In this case, the forfeited wager has to be the same as the original bet placed.

A late surrender is however not allowed when the dealer already has a blackjack.

Splitting is allowed up to 4 individual hands.

A 21 is always a win for the player. The dealer hand does not matter, even if they have a 21, there is never a ’push’. A players blackjack always beats the dealer’s.


In Spanish blackjack;

a five-card 21 pays 3:2

a six-card 21 pays 2:1

a seven-card or more 21 pays 3:1

a 6-7-8 or 7-7-7 21 of mixed suits pays 3:2

with the same suits pays 2:1

one with spades pays 3:1

Some, casinos may pay even after doubling down.

The Super Bonus

If a player draws a 7-7-7 with mixed suits and the dealer a 7 in any suit, the player is eligible for a super bonus. A super bonus of $1000 is paid to bets of $5 to $24. Bets that are more than $25 receive a bonus of $5000. When a player gets a super bonus, the other players get an ‘envy bonus’ of $50. However, a super bonus becomes void when a player splits or doubles down.

The removal of the 4 10-cards means that the house has more advantage. These bonus rules however make up for the disadvantage. This gives the player a chance to gain back that advantage. It is important to note that some rules may vary from one casino to another. A ‘match the dealer’ bet is also allowed in Spanish blackjack. If the players initial 2 cards match the dealer’s up card, then the player wins the side bet. A matching rank and suit means a bigger payout for the player.