Tequila Poker Rules


Tequila poker is a variant of traditional poker that is played online. The tequila poker involves one player. The game is basically a combination of two of the most popular casino games; blackjack and poker.

The rules of Tequila poker;

A 52-card deck is used for the game.

A player has to place an Ante bet.

4 cards are then dealt to the player, face up.

When a player receives the cards, there are three options; to fold, to place a ‘Tequila Poker’ bet or a ‘High Tequila’ bet. The tables provide circles for placing both types of bets.

When a player folds, they lose the Ante bet. When they make either the Tequila Poker or High Tequila bet, then the Ante bet must be doubled.

When a player makes a bet, then two more cards are dealt. That means a player will have a total of six cards.

Winning is determined by the best five cards. In a Tequila Poker bet, the player attempts to get a winning poker hand. In a High Tequila bet, the player attempts to achieve a high point value hand.

A high Tequila hand means that the card will be valued the same as in a blackjack game. That means the 2-9 cards are valued that their face value, the 10, queen, king and jack are valued at 10 and the aces always at 11.

46 points or more are required to win a High Tequila hand. The highest five cards out of the six are summed up in point value to determine if a player has won or not.

If a player wins in their High Tequila hand, then the Ante bet will be paid in even money. The hand will be paid out depending on the pay table.

In a Tequila Poker hand, the cards are valued the same as in a traditional poker game. The best five cards from the hand will be considered to determine the value.

A pair of aces or better is needed to win Tequila Poke hand.

If a player wins, then the Ante bet will pay even money and the Tequila Poker hand paid out depending on the table.

High Tequila Payout Ratios

54-200 to 1

53- 15 to 1

52- 7 to 1

51- 4 to 1

50- 3 to 1

49- 2 to 1

46 to 48- 1to 1

45 or less is a loss

Tequila Poker Payout Ratios

Royal Flush- 200 to 1

Straight Flush- 50 to 1

Four of a Kind-15 to 1

Full House- 8 to 1

Flush- 7 to 1

Straight- 5 to 1

Three of a Kind- 3 to 1

Two Pair- 2 to 1

Pair of Aces- 1:1

Less than that is a loss.

Tequila Poker is available online for casinos powered by PlayTech. The bonuses offered may vary from one casino to another. When a player already knows about the payouts, then the collection part is easy. A player must have a clear understanding of both blackjack and poker. One notable variation of the game is the absence of side bets.