Texas Hold'Em Rules


Texas Holdem (or Texas Hold ‘Em) is a version of poker and it is played in majority of casinos. This version is also similar to that seen in TV shows such as World Series Poker on ESPN and World Poker Tours on Travel Channel.

Basic rules that need to be followed when playing this game are as highlighted below.

The Deal, Shuffle and Blinds

The dealer is supposed to shuffle the standard deck of 52 cards (The dealer does not play in casinos. The dealer button, which is a rounded disc, is passed from one player to another with each dealt hand in a clockwise fashion. This button is used to select the dealer). Most of the games will start with 2 players (situated to the left side of dealer) placing a pre-established sum of money into a pot before the commencement of card dealing. This ensures that on each hand, there is something for play. Often, during the first blind, the player on the left side puts their minimum bet and during the second blind, they put up the whole amount of minimum bet. Every player is dealt with 2 cards facing down and these are referred to as ‘hole cards’.

The Betting Starts

The first betting round begins and it starts with the player on the left who started positing the blinds. Players then start calling, raising or folding when it is their opportunity to bet.


After the first round of betting starts the dealer starts by discarding the card at the top. This is known as ‘burning the card’. It is done for purposes of ensuring that none of the players saw the card at the top accidently and hence, prevents cheating. The dealer flips the following 3 cards and this is known as the ‘flop’. An important point to note is that at some point, 5 cards will get placed on the table facing up. At this point, players can then opt to use a combination of the community cards as well as their own 2 hole cards in order to form the best 5 card poker hand.

After completion of the flop, there is another betting round that takes place and this starts with players to the left. During this round and subsequent ones, players can call, check, fold or raise their bets.

4th Street

The dealer then ‘burns’ another card and places another one on the table with its face up. This is known as the ‘turn’ or ‘4th street’.

5th Street

Once more, the dealer ‘burns’ a card and places the last face up card and this is known as the ‘river’ or the ‘5th’ card.

Final Bet and Winner

At this point, players can start using any 7 cards combination-of the community cards and 2 ‘hole’ cards known to them only- to come up with their best 5 card hand. The 4th and final round of the betting session begins with the left side player.

After completing the final round, players who are still holding their place are able to reveal the hands they have. Also, the player that made the first bet or the one that make the last bet is the first one to show their hand.

The player who ends up with the best possible hand is then declared the winner.